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Conventional 8 Zones Fire Alarm control Panel

Product Overview

The ODH08E Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel is a 24volt, 8, Class B, Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel. It is designed exclusively to meet the latest market requirements and microprocessor technology, with stand-by batteries (two sealed acid storage batteries) and reserved space for installation. It has functions of operation indication, fault indication, alarm indication and cable checking for short circuit or broken circuit. The highly cost-effective ODH08-16 can be used in low-sized applications.



1) Style B (Class B) Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs) accept two-wire smoke detectors and any normally-open contact devices

2) One set of volt free changeover contacts operable on fire

3) One set of volt free changeover contacts operable on fault

4) Non-latching zones facility

5) Class change input for remote control

6) Zone and alarm disablement

7) 28V 125mA fused supply permanently available

8) 28V 300mA fused supply available for fire alarm bells or sounders

9) Passive repeater available



AC Power: AC220Vą10% 50Hz, 2.0 amps, minimum 14 AWG wire (2.0 mm˛) with 600-volt insulation.

Battery: Sealed lead-acid batteries, Maximum battery charger capacity: 4AH battery

Total 24 V system power: 3.0 amps

Zone Capacity: can be connected with 30 fire detectors and infinite manual call points

Fire & Fault Contact Outputs: 1.0 amps DC24V or AC125V

Using environment: Temperature: 0°C~50°C Related Humidity: ≤95% (40ą2°C)

Dimensions: 265×335×87mm (length × width × depth)