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Hotel touch doorbell with do not disturb, clean room

General Description

Hotel Bell with LED Backlight, Crystal Panel , do not disturb doorbel

Working voltage: 220V/110V/12V

Service lifespan: up to 1,000,000 touch times

Working temperature: -10 to 60C

heavy current controlled by L-line

Material: fire-proofing ABS

Colors: white

Standard size of domestic wall switches

Many exquisite pictures are available

With LED backlight

Whole screen touch technology

Suitable for star hotel, KTV use, hospital etc

Function includes:

 Do not disturb

 Please clear

 Please waiting

 touch bell


Operation& use

1. In normal conditions, press the button "doorbell" of touch screen to open the bell, and the guests will know there are visitors at the door when hear the euphonious ring.

2. The guests press the button do not disturb" switch, touch screen's "do not disturb " sign backlight was lit. the display outdoor prompts "please do not bother," At the time being, the doorbell button does not work, the doorbell outside the wall does not work either. 

3. The guests press the button please clean" switch, touch screen's "Please clear the" sign backlight was lit, the display outside prompt "need to be cleaned up"; when the guests left the room to take the door card away, the display outside "Please clean-up" is still lit, so that room attendants can clearly aware of the request to need to be cleaned up. 

4. When the hotel owner inconvenient to meet the visitors, they can press the "Please wait" switch, or press "Please wait" button, the sign "Please wait" of touch screen backlight flashing, suggesting that the guests outside Please wait a moment and doorbell button failure, 2 minutes later, "Please wait," restore a dark backlight automatically.