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Floodlight Camera


1.Motion Activated Camera/Security light
2. Auto Lighting and motion detection
3.Up to 2.0M Pixel Digital Camera (interpolation)
4. INTERNAL MEMORY: support Max 32GB SD Card
5.Auto overwrite when the memory is full
6. Digital Video Capture(640X480)
7.24 hour Standby
8. Dimension: 17.5x12.3x8.3cm
9. power adapter: DC 12V


1.       Motion Activated Camera/Security light

2.       Auto Lighting and motion detection

3.       Up to 2.0M Pixel Digital Camera (interpolation)

4.       INTERNAL MEMORY :support Max 32GB SD Card (the memory card is not included )

5.       Auto overwrite when the memory is full

6.       Digital Video Capture(640X480)

7.       24 hour Standby

8.       Dimension:17.5x12.3x8.3cm

9.       Net Weight:560g



1.       88 LEDS with lowest power cunsumption or white lights or according to your requirement

2.       Auto mode with auto light on

3.       Fixed Timer 3 minutes

4.       User Defined Lighting angle (Adjust Light manually)

5.       view range:Max 30m



1.     CMOS image sensor. 2.0M pixels colour

2.        Memory :support Max 32GB SD Card

3.        Cam view angle :120 degree

4.        5P glass lens

5.        Fixed focus :1.5 M  to infinite

6.        USB 2.0 Pc Connection

7.        Automatic White balance & exposure

8.        PIR Auto-detection, Auto light on



1.     10 sec AVI video capture. (Cheapest option)

2.        Runs with Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP

3.        Setting:Year, Month, Day, Hours, Minutes, Time stamp

4.        When updating the date and timeOperating:
(1). Enter the CD into your computer and install it; 
(2). Enter the TF card into the slot;
(3). Connect the the Flood light to PC; 
(4). Open the relevant file in the PC and establish a txt. file and name "Time" ,and then enter the content:2009-06-06 20-51-00