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MMCX to N female bulkhead, 20cm cable, hi-quality wireless connector

High Performance LMR100 MMCX to N-Female Bulkhead pigtail. Now utilising LMR100 low loss coax with lower loss of 1.3 dB/m @ 2500 MHz compared to our previous (or competitors) RG178 pigtails with loss of 2.5 dB/m @ 2500 MHz. 

  • 20cm low-loss flexible LMR100 cable
  • High quality construction
  • Less loss at 5.8 GHz than U.fl pigtail
  • Watertight gasket with bulkhead
  • Intended for mounting in an outdoor box
  • For following minPCI cards
    • Ubiquiti XR5
    • Ubiquiti XR2
    • Mikrotik R5H
    • Mikrotik R52H
    • Engenius 800mW Card
    • Mikrotik  R5SHPn