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Rearview Spy mirror Sunglasses


Stylish sunglasses for each agent to see what happens behind you.

Why did I buy this exact product?

Do you sometimes get scary feeling that you are being monitored?

Are you afraid of pickpockets surprising you?

 Do not worry, we have a solution for you: namely the agent's sunglasses purchased your eyes on your back!

Externally, glasses look quite ordinary, but the mystery When you set windows to open ... Indeed, glasses act like a mirror! See  sunglasses around the edges for a surprise: a mirror surface of the glass lets you see behind you!To avoid an unpleasant feeling alone move. companies, even before anything happens!
 Each  sunglasses are  stylish in design and are design  to withstand a long life. Glasses also protect from UV radiation, so you can safely enjoy the sunshine without fear!
Technical Specifications:
UV - radiation protection sunglasses with mirrors