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Ubiquiti rocket M5 GPS with Airsync

Rocket M GPS Synchronization

Rugged, hi-power, linear 2x2 MIMO radios specifically designed for outdoor PtP bridging and PTMP AirMax basestation applications.

  • Precision Timing

    All Rocket M GPS products have integrated Ubiquiti AirSync technology, which enables units to utilize GPS signals for precision timing.

  • Seamless AirMax Integration

    Just like the original Rocket M Series, Rocket M GPS units seamlessly integrate with AirMax BaseStation and Rocket Antennas.

  • GPS Signal Reporting

    AirOS was upgraded to take full ad- vantage of the new GPS hardware in Rocket M GPS units; easily manage/ monitor GPS satellite signals.

  • No Co-location Interference

    Synchronized transmission among Rocket M GPS powered BaseStations effectively eliminates co-location interference.


Many situations require the use of multiple AirMax M series devices on the same tower. The new Rocket M GPS products are designed to eliminate colocation interference by using synchronized transmission times.

With AirSync, the basestations make use of a common clock source using the built-in GPS receiver. One device is configured as the synchronization master and the others are configured in Slave Mode. Once this is done, the Master and Slave devices synchronize their transmit and receive cycles so that they transmit at the same time and receive at the same time.

  • External GPS Antenna

  • All Rocket M GPS units come with a weatherproof external GPS Antenna (magnet back for easy mounting).

  • Powerful & Proven Software

    Take full advantage of Rocket’s new GPS ability with the lastest version of Ubiquiti’s AirOS.

  • Two Ethernet Ports

    Second Ethernet port capable of providing power to a secondary device using PoE.

  • 2x2 MIMO

    Hi-power, linear 2x2 MIMO radios with enhanced receiver performance.