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Wideband 11dbi 800Mhz-2500Mhz Yagi Antenna(DE0825Y11)

General Description

Wide band Directional Antenna , coverage800MHz - 2500MHz.

Typically used in indoor/Outdoor  distribution/Donor Antenna for LTE/GSM/3G/CDMA/WIFI services.

Low return loss, High gain with 11dBi,Stable performance.

Supplied with mounting bracket and easy to install.

Low PIM<-150dBc at 2x2W.

11dbi yagi usage

Electrical Specifications

Model :  DE0825Y11

Freq. Range:   800-960/1710-2500 MHz

Gain:   11dBi

Horizontal Beamwidth:   50� to 65�

Vertical Beamwidth:    40� to 50�

F/B ratio:   >15 dB

V.S.W.R:   < 1.5

Nominal Impedance:   50 ohm

Polarization:   Vertical

Max Power:   50 W

Connector:   N Female or customized

Mechanical Specifications

Dimension:   400x260x65 mm

Lightning  protection:   DC grounded

Weight:   1 Kg

Temperature range:   -40 to 70 centigrade

Rated Wind Velocity:   60m/s

Mounting Mast Diameter:   Φ4

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