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2 Port Fiber Optic Faceplate-ST

Product type.
1.The structure of fiber optic faceplates conform international 86 type.
 2.Suitable for the installation multi-type coupler ST, SC, FC, LC simplex and duplex 3.
 3.The Installation can be used in the cable system4. Embedded surface structure,
 4.easy to install

1. Fiber panel is the terminal products which mainly achieve the solution from fiber to desk
2. The design of interior space is reasonable
3 And use in home or work area, achieve the access of dual-core optical fiber and ports output
4 fully meet the requirements of the fiber optic bend radius, and protect optical fiber in or out
5 to provide security protection for the core, radius of curvature is Appropriate, a small amount of redundant is allowed, then achieve FTTD system application

Product Features

1. Use in home or work area (FTTD) fiber optic connector
2. Connector type:FC, SC, ST, with a commonly used model adapter.
3 using the high quality PC (flame-retardant polycarbonate) material, can protect against fire
4. with dust-proof device, to prevent dust from entering.
5. with the identification strips, easy ID management and maintenance use.
6. Has a high efficiency of the transmission Interstage coupling loss, clear true picture, zero thickness,
 7. Optical fiber panel box as low light level image intensifier optical input, output window

Application area
1 Telecommunications network, LAN networks, optical fiber communication systems
2 Fiber optic test equipment/ instrumentation
3. Fiber CATV, fiber optic sensors
4. Four fiber-optic broadband access networks, FTTH fiber to the home
5. Fiber patch panel, rack and wall mount fiber optic wiring unit

Technical data

1.insert loss:≤0.3dB (PC) ≤0.2dB(UPC)<0.2dB(APC)     ≤0.3dB(Multimode)
2.return loss:≥40dB(PC)≥50dB(UPC)≥60dB(APC) ≥35dB(Multimode)
4.termperature(C):-40 to 80
5.install temperature(C):-40 to 85
6. Fiber OD: 125μm (652 & 657)
 7. Tight cladding diameter: 125μm & 900μm
 8. Suitable mode: single mode & multimode
9. Tensile strength >50N
10. Adapter: SC & FC 11. Output connector: 2

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