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Android GSM Alarm System with Vibration Sensors and Smoke Detector

Android Alarm Control

How It Works

Install the PIR sensor on the wall and the door sensor on the window or house door.Someone who intruder your

 house illegally,the PIR sensor and door sensor will be triggered and send the signal to the alarm panel,then the

 wired loud siren will sound and send SMS to the preset number/auto dial the mobile.

How the alarm operate

Other Optional Accesories

optional alarm accesories

Package Content

DES-9218G Alarm Panel  X  1
Vibration Sensor  X 2
Wireless Smoke Detector X 1
Door/Window Sensor  X  2
Siren  X  1
Remote Control  X 2
PIR Sensor  X 2

Features & Specifications of Alarm System

  • Touch Keypad TFT color display with voice prompt.

  • Support Dual Network PSTN and GSM.

  • 99 wireless defense zones, 2 wired zone and 8 sub zone.

  • 4 sets of arm/ disarm schedule function by zone/ day/ time.

  • Telephone long-distance control.

  • 6 group voice alarm phone number for alert calling.

  • 6 group for SMS messaging Alert.

  • Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message.

  • 1 Group of NO relay signal output.

  • Support 150 remote control and 150 detectors.

  • Display recent 72 disarmed and 102 recent alarm records.

  • Dual-band/Triple-band/quad-band GSM/GPRS module.

  • Compatible with protocol CONTACT ID.

  • Built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery.

GSM Alarm Functions

gsm alarm features

GSM Alarm Working Principle

Alarm Working Principle

Home Security Installation Diagram

Alarm Installation Diagram

Alarm Connectivity Diagram

alarm connectivity diagram