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500mW indoor Amplifier

The 500-milliwatt bi-directional power booster for Access Point increases the transmission signal from an average 50 mW to 500 mW and amplifies the signal by 10 dB (10 times) in receive mode. Use this when you want to maintain a single access point device to cover a larger area. Consisting of a bi-directional amplifier, 500 mW (+27 dBm) in transmit mode for +5 to +15 dBm input, it provides 10 dB gain in receive mode. It can also be used to fully compensate for the loss of long antenna cables without any reduction of performance, and permits you to position an antenna at a greater distance from a wireless node. Used in conjunction with a high gain antenna, it can provide very high outdoor range . Easy to install, no configuration required; includes ceiling/wall mount bracket, cable sold separately.