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3 phase over/under voltage protector

Over and under voltage fluctuations damage 3-phase electrical plant. The AVS3P-0 offers full automatic protection against both these harmful conditions.

Connects either to a normally open contact or a switched AC line
Controls the contactor or starter
Monitors all 3 phases separately
Automatic disconnection if mains 'BAD'
Automatic reconnection when 'GOOD'
Disconnects all phases if any single phase bad
Reconnection delay to ensure stability
Microprocessor control
Spare relays to drive alarms, etc
Wall mount plastic enclosure
5 LED array status indicator

3 phase automatic surge protector function

5 LED Status Array

Status Indication
LED Indicating Load Status
Red Overvoltage State OFF
Amber Delay after Overvoltage OFF
Green Mains OK ON
Amber Delay after Undervoltage OFF
Red Undervoltage State OFF
Wait time Adjustable 1-3min
Max. Switching Delay 1/3 cycle
Overvoltage disconnect (230V system) Adjustable 230-300V
Undervoltage disconnect (230V system) Adjustable 0-230V
How to install AVS3P-0

Transient Voltage Suppressors (Modules,Industrial)

Voltage surges, often referred to as spikes or transient overvoltages are typically caused by switching of fluorescent lights, fuses blowing or nearby lightning activity. The worst voltage surges are usually caused by lightning activity and can reach up to 6000V, with current surges of up to 3000A. The maximum size of the voltage and current surges depends on the location within the buildings wiring system. BS6651:1999 Annex C which was replaced in August 2008 by BS EN 62305-4:2006 is complemented by BS EN 61643-11/12 and covers location categories and provides guidance on protection of electronic equipment. For mains power systems, Types I, II and III are used. Surge protection devices not designed to fit into these categories may only provide limited protection and the equipment they protect may suffer damage.