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Ubiquiti Airfiber 24ghz 1.3Gbps

Addressing the Under-served

AirFiber core networks backbones can be instantly and cost-effectively deployed anywhere, bringing Internet deep into the unserved areas of the world.

Plug and Play Deployment

Utilizing the worldwide license-free 24GHz band, airFiber can be freely purchased and deployed nearly anywhere. Additionally, the product was designed to be instantly setup and configured.

Revolutionary Performance

With true 1.4Gbps+ data throughput and up to 13 km range, airFiber provides a breakthrough in 24GHz backhaul performance

Hybrid Division Duplex (HDD)

HDD provides the best of both worlds � latency performance of Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) with the spectral efficiency of Time Division Duplex (TDD).