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BNC to VGA Converter

BNC to VGA converters, also known as BNC to VGA adapters and BNC to VGA connectors, are typically used by CCTV surveillance system installers when an inexpensive solution is needed to connect a computer monitor to a surveillance DVR and the surveillance DVR only has BNC video outputs. Monitors with BNC inputs are specialized security products that usually are much more expensive and not as readily available as a VGA input computer monitor. In order to address this issue, CCTV Camera Pros began manufacturing BNC to VGA converters so that CCTV installers can connect a video device BNC output to a computer monitor with standard VGA (D-Sub) video input. Our converter product is the highest quality on market. We guarantee it.

Compact & Effecient Product Design
  • Compact size allows you to place this product near your monitor or DVR
  • Easy to connect with BNC video input and VGA (D-Sub) output
  • DC power supply/transformer included in the box
Easy to Connect & Control
  • BNC, VGA, and S-Video Video Inputs
  • One VGA Video Output
  • S-Video and VGA inputs can be used for additional devices. User controls which input is selected
Use Inexpensive VGA Monitors for Surveillance
  • Easily connects to any VGA (D-Sub) monitor input
  • Save Hundreds or Dollars by using less expensive standard computer monitors instead of costly specialized surveillance monitors
  • Compatible with standard and wide screen monitors