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C-100-2 Battery Rack for up to 2 units of 12V/100AH Battery

Product Description

Our battery cabinet is the perfect solution for creating additional space by replacing sealed lead  acid battery, or when there is a need for a maintenance free, long lasting, self-sufficient battery back-up  solution. The cabinet comes pre-wired from the factory, ready to install. Its modular design permits  more than one battery cabinet to be mounted side by side on the same wall.

Dimension ( mm ) :  470390360

Battery Capacity & Nos to Fit:

17AH:   10

 24AH:  6

38AH:  4

65AH:  2

100AH: 2

N.W. ( kg )   :          8kg

Circuit Breaker Included: Yes


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Inverter Battery System

Data Centers

Network Opeation Centers

Industrial Process Control Facilities

Internet Housing Sites

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Banks & Financial Markets

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