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C2460 60A Solar Charge Controller

The Voltron C2460 series solar charge controllers (  solar intelligent charge controller,solar product,solar system controller) are of stable quality and high reliability and can be applied under various worse geological conditions. Its appearance and function design has reached international advanced level.


 Relying on the types and actual charging situation of the battery,  C controller series can provide the fast and best charging voltage and electricity from the PV panel.  C series solar charge controllers are equipped with advanced man-machine interactive function, so the user can adjust the charging voltage.


1. Overload protection

2. Short circuit protection

3. Converse discharge protection

4. Reverse polarity connection protection

5. Thunder protection

6. Low voltage protection

7. Overcharge protection

8. Batteries stop and charge voltage HVD sets up

9. Charge and low voltage LCD sets up

10. Display the capability of the battery SOC

11. Loads and comeback setups.

12. Intellectualized temperature compensation

13. Record, calculate and display the charged AH on the LCD screen.

14. Record, calculate and display the discharged AH on the LCD screen.

15. CPU control and LCD display

Technical index:


 C2460 40A

 C2460 50A

 C2460 60A

Rated voltage

12V / 24V   Automatic voltage recognition

Max Load current




Input voltage range

12V~20V / 24V~40V


 Charge loop drop



Discharge loop drop


Over voltage protection

17V/34V (Default value, can be reset)

Full charge cut

13.7V  /  27.4V (Default value, can be reset)

Low voltage cut

10.5V~11V  /  21V~22V (Default value, can be reset)

Temperature compensation


No load loss


Max wire area

6 mm2

Ambient temperature

--25C ~~+55C