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Split mARC 5

Outdoor Dual Radio Set

2X2 MIMO CPE + 4-in-1 Access Point
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Make your network more ARCFlexible with a Split mARC! The Split mARC outdoor dual radio set is designed to provide WISPs a complete solution for data connectivity at the customer premises. The set offers both a high powered 2.4 or 5 GHz 22 MIMO CPE for connectivity to virtually any MIMO access point, along with an outdoor demarcation device to provide a grounding point and wired/wireless connectivity into the customer premises.

The outdoor demarcation AP also offers an always-on management WiFi network for easy, non-intrusive troubleshooting and configuration. Flexible mounting solutions and unique mobile app make installations a breeze.
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Product Highlights
General Information

  • Two models available: Split mARC 5 and Split mARC 2
  • Network Modes: Bridge, Router
  • Powered by the ARCOS Wireless Platform
  • One configuration UI for both radios
  • Always-on Wireless Management Network makes installation and maintenance hassle-free
  • ARCMobile iPhone and Android Installation App
  • Ships with an outdoor 5m USB cable (will soon ship with an 8m cable)

  • 300Mbps 2X2 MIMO 2.4GHz or 5GHz CPE
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Fully adjustable mount
  • USB-powered
  • Split mARC 5: 18dBi panel antenna
  • Split mARC 2: 15dBi panel antenna
  • Patented antenna design
  • Wireless Operating Modes: Client, Access Point, Point-to-Point Master, Point-to-Point Slave
  • Advanced wireless configuration options: Ack timeout, RTS, WMM, STBC, etc
  • QoS and Bandwidth Limiting
W-LAN Flex mARC AP/Demarc Device
  • Outdoor 150Mbps 1X1 SISO 2.4GHz AP
  • 3 dBi Omni Antenna
  • PoE Input + Software-configurable PoE Output/Passthrough (Up to 24V, polarity independent)
  • Wireless Operating Modes: Access Point, Network Extender
  • Additional SSIDs: Wireless Management Network (InstallerNet) and Hotspot Network
  • Hotspot is a standard RADIUS AAA Hotspot (can also run over ethernet ports)
  • Provides a grounding point and wired/wireless connectivity into customer premises

Application Examples
Residential Gateway
In a Split mARC configuration, the customer receives access to the carrier network via the outdoor W-WAN CPE while the outdoor W-LAN AP provides wireless coverage on the outside of the customers home at the same time. Great for patios, pools, or cafes. The USB cable allows you to locate the AP closer to your coverage target. The outdoor AP/demarc device also creates a grounded wired or wireless point-of-entry to the customer premises.

HotZone/Hotspot Installations
Generate additional revenue make any installation into an outdoor HotZone. Hotspot networks coexist with the standard wireless networks running on the device.

Network Extender
Dont let obstructions stop you from signing up new customers extend your wireless network to a neighbor via the network extending capabilities of the Split mARC. Its quick and easy.
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