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2Watt ISM Amplifier

This is a cost-effective, high performance 2.4GHz RF power amplifier
Module using Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology. It can be
installed at indoor or outdoor system to extend wireless connecting distance
and enhance throughput


  • 2Watt ISM Band 2.4GHz Booster Modul
    • Frequescy Range: 2400~2500 MHz
  • Liner pout: 27dBm @5.5% EVM &802.11g/54Mbps
  • 2Watt ISM Band 2.4GHz Booster Modul
    • Cost-effective PCBA module package
  • Dual band b & g compatible
  • Bi-directional, half-duplex and Auto-Switching(Plug & Play)
  • Compact size and easy for system integration
  • Flexible parameter adjustment per customer request