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DE-6900F Fingerprint GPRS guard Tour System


▶ GPRS real time data transmission (with cellphone SIM card)

▶ Capacitive fingerprint verification

▶ Color LCD display , visual operation and signal status direction

▶ Enginerring plastic shell , rugged structure to resist dropping

Technical parameters

Reading Method    Auto-induction, free from pressing any button   

Battery    3,000 built-in lithium battery

Display TFT 1.8 ' High-definition color display

Current consumption 60 to 80mA

Sensor Frequency 125kHz EM ID Card

Fingerprint    Capacitive fingerprint technology , high sensitivity

Direction    LCD+Vibration+LED   

Data transmission     GPRS (SIM card)

Storage capacity 80,000 logs   

Impact record    32,000 logs

Operation temperature       40℃ to 70℃

Working humidity 0 to 95%

IP rating     IP65   

Incident event capacity     500pcs

Dimension 117mm x 70mm x 30mm

Net weight    150g

Time attendance    Extensible features

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