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Conventional Manual Call Point

Product Overview

The J-SJP-M-1 Manual Call Point is used to manually transmit fire alarm signal, it provides contact closure to activate emergency equipment, audible and visual signals, and alarm panels. It is generally installed in staircase, hallway, evacuation passage or places where people haunt.


  •  Integrated with on-and-off input signal
  •  Sending signal to Intelligent Monitoring Modular for processing or activate the fire bell and other fire protection equipment
  •  Test key included
  •  Simple structure
  •  Easy installation and wiring
  •  Comply with Standard: GA5-91


Operating Voltage: DC24V / AC220V Standby Current: 0 mA Maxim Current: ≤5 A 
Contactor Capacity: DC24V/1A Contactor Resistance: ≤0.1 ohm
Operating Environment: Temperature: 10C~+50C Related Humidity: ≤95% (402C)
Dimensions: 868652mm (length width height) Weight 165g