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Addressable Manual Call Point

Product Overview

The OA610 Manual Call Point is used to manually transmit fire alarm signal to control panel through the bus line, it also provides contact closure to activate emergency equipment, audible and visual signals. It is generally installed in staircase, hallway, evacuation passage or places where people haunt.


  • Built-in advanced microprocessor and intelligent software
  •  2 bus lines current PWM digital transmission technology with great reliability
  •  SMT technology, firmly, high secure and anti-jamming.
  •  Special methods for damp-proof, antisepsis and mildew-proof.
  •  2-wire without polarity
  •  Easy plug-in of the head to base
  •  Easy installation and wiring
  •  Provided with a telephone jack
  •  Reset manually (do not need any tools) and used repeatedly
  •  Comply with Standard: GA5-91


Operating Voltage: Two-wire bus, DC20V~DC28V, non-polarity 
Standby Current: < 0.25mA Alarm Current: < 2mA 
Range of the Address: 1~192 Contact Capacity: DC24V/1A
Operating Environment: Temperature: 10C~+50C Related Humidity: ≤95% (402C)
Dimensions: Diameter 130 mm Height 49 mm Weight 150g