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Wireless Solar Powered Outdoor Strobe Siren(DES-06)


Powered by solar panels, no main power needed

Weatherproof and stylish design

Full tamper protection

Piercing 115dB siren with selectable duration

Volume ajustable (High/Low/Mute)

Transmit distance : 80m (in open area)

Technical Specification:

◆ Outdoor Solar-Power supply

◆ Flash Siren

◆ Water-Proof function

◆ Wireless Spot Alarm System, can work with 100 wireless detector

◆ Standby current: <10mA

◆ Solar power recharging current: 155mA

◆ External Power supply: DC12V/1.2A

◆ Recharging current: 310mA

◆ Alarm current: 350mA

◆ Wireless receiving distance: >80 meters

◆ Built-in battery: Polymer battery 7.4V/2100mA