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Wireless Passive Infrared Detector (DES-Q819)


Power supply: detector can use two kinds power-supply modes, external adapter or internal battery power supply can be used at the same time. 433MHZ/315MHZ can choose

External adapter: DC9V-12 V

Internal battery: DC 9V  6F22

Standby current:≤ 50uA

Alarm current: ≤ 20mA

Detection range: 8 meters / 110 degrees

Wireless distance: ≥150 meters (open area/no interference)

Wireless transmitting frequency: 315 MHZ / 433 MHZ (+ 75 KHZ)

Shell material: ABS plastics

Operating temperature: 80% or (no condensation)

Detector size: 128 x 68 x 48 mm

Bracket  size: 52 29 27 mm

Angular Range: