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10KV Advanced Electric Fence Energiser with Colour LCD Panel(DES-2000)

Single zone Electric fence energizer

Max Output voltage:10KV;low voltage 700-1000V,High voltage 5KV-10KV ,

Max output energy:4J        

Day/Night auto switch to high/low voltage for flexible control and energy saving   

High voltage monitor will alarm when the wires get tampered.

Can work  with our GSM alarm equipment.    

No need of  keypad controller, All parameters/Configuration set on energizers 

●Bi-polar technology , all live wire fence ,every wire has voltage

●High voltage power fence monitor triggers alarm when the wires are tampered with.

●Dual power mode ,it can be powered by AC110240V ,also can be powered by battery .

●4.3 inches color LCD indicate the defense zones working status ,pulse period ,fence wire voltage .

●it can set pulse period ,fence wire voltage, defense zone number on energizer panel without

keypad controller .

●Optional 12 hours Battery Backup  in case of power failure ,siren and strobe output to indicate fence condition .

●4.3 inches colored LCD display screen show its working status : Fence wire voltage , Pulse period, Pulse duration ,Time , Temperature, Power supply and so on.

●Short ,break ,tamper alarm. Faulty self-inspection function.

●Energiser with speaker inside ,it will give out alert sound once fence wire triggered alarm.

●Arm/Disarm setting : it can be set from keypad controller or PC software to Arm/Disarm the defense zone. Dual zone energizer can work independent ,if one zone failed to work/or disarm one zone ,another zone still can work .

●Low power consumption ,mains power 220V failure ,back up battery supply power for 12 hours .