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12V NC NO Square Touch Sensor Door Exit Release Button Switch w LED Light

Silver aluminum alloy shell, looks simple, comfortable and beautiful.
Undergoing 50,000 times continuous clicking test, very durable.
Good to touch, easy to operate and use.
Blue indicating led light is given out when touching.
Touching automatic sensor, very convenient.
The switch respond agilely and quickly.
Easy to install.


DES-TB1 Connection diagram

Max current: 3A, 36V DC
Interface input: 12V+V-\NC\COM
Applied temperature: -10 ~ +55 Degree (14-131F)
Applied humidity: 0~95% (relative humidity)
Material: aluminium alloy
Item size: 8 * 8 * 2.5cm 
Item weight: 72g
Package size: 10 * 9 * 4cm
Package weight: 105g

Package including:
1 * Touch Sensor Switcher
4 * Screws