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3 Line, 12 Ext. Wireless PABX bundled with 3 Handsets

.Single cell base with 3 PSTN lines 
.Up to 12 handsets 
.Outdoor 300 meters 
.Indoor 20~50 meters 
.Phone line auto searching 
.FSK/DTMF available

Functional Features :
GAP compliance, compatible with most DECT handsets
Single cell base with 3 PSTN lines, allows a maximum of 12 registradle handsets each with an unique separate ID number
Supports 4 active handsets via 4 channels simultaneously
Phone line auto searching
Automated Attendant System (DISA)
Base :
3 PSTN lines
Caller ID FSK/DTMF available
Automatic answer
Flash time adjustable
Dimension: 210x183x50mm
Handsets :
LCD display
Phonebook with 100 sets dialing memory
Redial of the last 30 calls
Selectable ringer melody
Hand-free speaker phone
Key lock
Automatic call timer