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DM-660 Self Luminous Guard Tour Checkpoint

DM-660 Square Luminous Checkpoint

New style check spot , generous appearance, suitable for hotel , office buildings ,school,shopping mall , school and other place with high requirement for the appearance. 125kHz working frequency , compatible with all our guard tour reader. Easy installation, no wiring . Luminous , can be seen at dark place , no need luminous label additionally.

Technical information

Working frequency    125kHz EM tags   

Battery    None, passive tag

Material    ABS plastic meterial   

Service life    20 years,can be scanned around 350,000 times?

Color    Black & white, luminous style    Performance    Water-resistant

Dimension    70mm*70mm*10mm   

Working temperature    -40℃ to 85℃

Net weight    33g   

Installation    Glue with structural adhesive or fixed with screws

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