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Asterisk PCI Card with 4GSM module

Product Description

GSM400P is a 4 port wirless Asterisk PCI card which is mainly applied to GSM, PSTN and Internet environment. GSM400P supports the access of GSM, PSTN, telephone and it can realize GSM, PSTN, telephone, Internet integration. 
Key benefits 
--Application for GSM  VoIP gateway 
--Application for Mobile IP-PBX 
--Application for GSM wireless call centre. 
--GSM Call back 
--GSM wireless bypass system 

Key features 
--Support GSM: 850M/900M/1800M/1900M, CDMA: 800M. 
--Supports GSM, CDMA two kinds of wireless communication standard. 
--Support the access of wireless(GSM and CDMA), PSTN telephone. 
--working in Asterisk/ Elastix /Trixbox PBX 
--GSM400P support 4 channels GSM modules 
--Support Industry Standard: PCI 2.2 slot 
--RJ11 Connector 

--Motherboard: GDM400P 
--GSM modules: 0~4 PCS 
2)Hardware and Software Requirements: 
--Interface: PCI 2.2 
--CPU 800+MHz 
--RAM 128+MB 
--Linux kernel 2.4. X or 2.6. X 
3)The environmental instructions for using 
--Voltage: 5V/12V 
--Power Dissipation Mas: 7.83W/39.82W 
4) Size and Weight 
--Size(L*W*H): 210*105*24MM 
--Wight: 305g