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Gsm Door Bug

Door/Window/House Security guard

GSM Sim Bug

About GSM Bug

GSM bugs are small GSM listening devices that can be discreetly activated to monitor room or phone conversations. A GSM bug is able to be 'dialed into' by remote. That means you can activate GSM bugs by calling them up using a dial up phone. GSM listening devices, therefore, are operable anywhere you have access to a phone.

GSM bugs can work as a GSM room bug in order to monitor room conversations. They can also be used for audio bugging in a vehicle such as a car, truck, boat, etc. Because a GSM bug can transmit like a cell phone bug, it can be anywhere a GSM cellular phone network exists.


This product uses military technology GSM module with voice-activated automatic pull back function, aslo can increase extension as magnetic sensor or vibration sensor, can be installed in home,company,shop and warehouse, when a thief open your door or window, move your car or your valuables, the alarm will notify you, ensure family life and property. this product compact size, voice clear, long standby time,simple operation, stable performance, without install, remote control etc.


Product view:

Past the host and magnet box on door and door can

Boot: The SIM card inserted into the card connector, and then pull the switch to "on" position, the red indicator light after 30 seconds the
product is ready. This state can answer an incoming call,
funtion Settings:
Send SMS GDM1 : start vibration sensor control,when it vibrates ,the product will call your mobile.
Send SMS GDM2 stop vibration sensor control.
Send SMS GDM3 inquire electric quantity.
Send SMS GDM4 start magnetic sensor control, when the door was opened or closed,the product will call your mobile.
Send SMS GDM5 stop magnetic sensor control.
When the funtion setting is success, you can puase or restore by the switch.


* This machine is only inserted the SIM can be boot.
* Please pull the swich "on" position. when charge.
* The new machines need to be recharged 2-3 hours before first use. Please use our distribute charger to protect host.
* Standby time: 100-150 hours . depending on the local network signal strength may be.
* if the product cant Auto-Answer: To confirm whether the GSM card, this machine using a GSM network. View cell phone phone signal is
strong enough to install location.
Network type:(2 Select 1)


Host 1
Magnet bos 1
Charger 1
USB Charging Cable 1