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Single Sided Professional Headset for Call Centers(HT101)


The  HT101 is a lightweight and comfortable single sided headset designed for the intensive call center and office environments. Slick and innovative, the HT101 delivers a crystal clear audio experience and has a noise-cancelling microphone and lightweight headband with a unique T-Bar design.

Main Features

 Acoustic Shock Protection

 Noise- cancellation earphone

 ECM noise- cancellation microphone

 A neodymium magnet system for accurate reproduction and balanced audio

 Frequency Responses 300hz-3400hz

 Low sound pressure- Less than 118db

Physical  Specification

 EMI Shield

 Unique T-Bar Pad

 Connector plug- Telephone cable plug or direct dual 3.5mm

 Cord length- 2m

 Wiring- Kevlar/Shielded/Anti-oxidant tin plated

 Unique T-bar construction

 Bendable arms- 320 degree rotation for optimal positioning

 Leatherette cushioned ear pad

 Weight: 0.18kg

 Dimension: 190x140x60mm