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(RB/APO) MikroTik 5GHz Access Point OUTDOOR Package

This low-cost 5 GHz base station solution covers 5.2-5.3, 5.4-5.7 or 5.7-5.8 GHz with just one radio. Just choose whatever frequency you like. It includes waterproof enclosure and PoE injector, so you can install AP next to antenna and provide power by standard UTP ethernet cable.

  • RouterBOARD 433AH, Outdoor Case
  • RouterOS Level 5
  • 802.11 a+b+g 65mW Wireless miniPCI card
  • 5.7-5.8 GHz 15 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna
  • 2.2m low-loss cable
  • Power Over Ethernet Injector

    For 15 dBi Omnidirectional Antennas add 0