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Solar Mounting Rail-4200mm

The mounting rails are the core of the system. For each row of panels, a pair of rails is mounted horizontally on the roof and supported by roof hooks at no more than 1.2m intervals. The panels are then laid on the rails and clamped in place with the end and mid clamps.

These rails measure 4200mm or customized

For longer rows, simply join lengths of rail using the Splice Kit. Rails can be cut to your demanding length with a hacksaw or grinder.

System features and specifications:


Suitable for: pitched and flat roofs

 Cladding type: tiled, slated or  sheet metal roof mounts also

 Maximum slope: 60 degrees

Maximum building height: 20m

Wind Load: up to 60m/s

Snow Load: up to 1.4KN/2

Module width: any

Module thickness: up to 46mm

 Material: aluminium

Color: clear anodized or colour anodized

Warranty: 10 years durability on material