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Full 8 Line RJ45 Ethernet surge protector

The VSPRJ45100-770 is designed to protect outdoor Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) data/communication lines in local and wide area networks up to 100Base-T transmission speeds. All eight pins are protected by a carefully designed circuit that isolates data from ethernet power lines. The ultra-sharp clamping response permanently eliminates transients from your PoE applications.

POE VSPRJ45100-770 has been designed to protect Power-Over-Ethernet Outdoor Applications.
I/O connections are made with two RJ45 jacks of a female/female gender type.
Data Line Protection - Pins 1,2,3,6 up to 7.5V.
Power Line Protection - Pins 4,5,7,8 up to 70VDC.
Nominal discharge current (8/20microsecond) = 2.5kA
Response Time (ns) < 1ns