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Fiber Optics Visual Fault Locator


2.5mm universal connector 
Operates either in CW or Pulsed 
Constant output power 
Lower Battery warning 
Long battery life (up to 60 hours) 
Crash-proof and dust-proof design for laser head 
Laser case ground design prevents ESD damage 
Burning testing to ensure the reliability. 
Portable and rugged, easy to use



Central Wavelength 650nm10nm
Emitter Type FP-LD
Output Power 1 mW
Optical Connector 2.5mm universal connector
For 1.25mm connectors,FC(Male)-LC(Female) adapter(can be provided on customer request)
Operating Mode Both CW and Pulse available
Pulse Frequency 2-3Hz
Power Supply 2AA Alkaline batteries
Battery Operating Time 650nm@1Mw≥65hours
Test with Panasonic LR6 AA Alkaline Battery
Operating Temperature -10~+45℃
Storage Temperature -40~+70℃