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AVS7A Voltguard

Nominal Voltage 230V
Current Rating 7Amps
Frequency 50/60Hz
Under-Voltage Disconnect 185/260V
Under-Voltage Reconnect 190/258V
Spike Protection 160J
Wait Time 30seconds
 Voltguard Function
Protects against low voltage, brown-outs and voltage dips. These conditions are harmful to electrical and electronic equipments.
Typical Applications: All sensitive electrical and electronic equipments, especially for TV, Video, Hi-Fi, Fax, Photocopier, Cash Registers, Electronic Scales, Notebook, PC setc.

By disconnecting the power when it is bad, the VoltGuard safeguards against short term and long term damage to ensure higher efficiency from your appliances. 30 seconds start-up delay is built-in to ensure stability of the power supply

.Voltguard Connection diagram