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Voltron 45KVA 3 Phase Ultra Wide Range Industrial Servo Stabilizer(VTC-3-45000)


VTC series three phase servo type high accuracy full automatic AC voltage regulator adopts the international advanced technology and intelligent CPU centralized control technology.
 ♦  beautiful design,easy to moving,large capacity, etc. which is composed of servo motor, control circuit, compensator.
 ♦ It has advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency, high precision ,wide voltage stabilizing range, no waveform distortion etc. All products are provided with over-voltage and under-voltage protection, delay protection, error protection and voltage two-way indication, which make the function of the product more perfect and reliable.
 ♦ This product is an ideal stabilized voltage supply, widely used in any locations requiring electricity and ensures your power device can run normally.

1..Wide Input voltage: three phase AC 240~450V
2. High technology: Programmed control computerized
3. The high accuracy of the output voltage (380 V � 1.5%)
4. Quality insurance: Main spare parts made by ourselves, for example, transformer, PCB.
5. Perfect protection function: Over/low voltage protection, over-heat/load protection,short circuit protection.
6. High efficiency: More than 95%

Pure Copper Coil

Inside SVC-3


Model    VTC-3-45000VA 
Technology    Servo Motor Control System +Micro compute programed control
Meter Display    Color    LED
Info    Input Voltage/Output Voltage/Load Usage/Time Delay/Normal Working/Protection

 Over Voltage    Output voltage ≥420V�4V
Low Voltage    Output voltage ≤325V�4V
Over Loading    more than 120%
Over Temperture    120�C�10�C

Delay time    8 second
Lauguage    English
Input Voltage    AC 240-450V
Output Voltage    380V�2% or 380V�4% Adjustable
Frequency    50Hz/60Hz
Phase    Three Phase
Efficiency    ≥90%
Ambient Temperature    -15�C~45�C
Relative Humidity    <95%
Waveform distortion    no additional wave form distortion
Insulating Resistance    Normally more than 2MΩ
Power    36000W 
Packing Size(mm)    535�515�973 
G.W.(Kg)    91.00