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Voltron 12KVA Wall-mount Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator(VT11-12000-L)

Protect your valuable equipment from Damage caused by power fluctuation
12KVA Output provide enough energy to power and protect all your household electrical/Electronic devices such as Television, Refridgerator, Home Theatre, Satellite Television, Air Conditioner, Fans, Lights, Computers, Photocopier CCTV etc .

The Voltron   VT11-12000-L is a 12KVA Servo Motor Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator which  utilizes microprocessor to control  a motor driven variable auto transformer and a buck/boost Transformer which is connected between the incoming phase supply & the load. The primary winding of the Buck\Boost transformer is connected to the continuously Variable Auto Transformer in such a way that one lead of the winding is connected to a predetermined tap point of the auto transformer, depending on the position of the variable brush arm with respect to the fixed point the voltage applied to the primary winding has addition or subtraction on the supply voltage available on the secondary side.

Microprocessor Controlled
Digital Monitoring using the LCD Display
Wall Mouted and beautiful  design which add to the aisthetic of the Enviroment
Advance and precise Output Voltage Regulation
Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection
Overloading Protection
Overtemprerature Protection

Home Appliances
Office equipment
Test equipment
Light system
Safety alarm system
Medical equipment
Numerical control machine tools
Industrial automation equipment
Color and drying equipment
Hi-Fi equipment

Servo AVR Protection Function