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12/24V programable Waterproof Solar charge Controller- LCSC-A1


This controller is an output-adjustable solar charge/discharge controller.

.     Features

  •       Positive grounding;
  •       Automatic recognition of system voltage 12/24 V;
  •       External temperature sensor for temperature compensation of charge voltages;
  •       Improved 4 stage charging (main, boost, equalization, float) for flooded battery, 3  stage charging (main, boost, float) for sealed battery;
  •      Multi optional output mode easily meeting different demands;
  •      With electricity protection data-saving function;
  •       Perfect protections on reverse polarity (battery or solar panel), over-charge, over-discharge, over load, short circuit, TVS lightening;
  •       Protection degree: IP68, in 1.5 m water depth 72 Hours;
  •       Widely programmable;


        For more convenient and better life: Park, Street light, yard lamp,
        Rough condition place: Island, mountain.

Technical Data:

Model no. LCSC-A1
System voltage  12/24 V auto recognition
Max. charge/load current  10A
Float Charge 13.8V/27.6V(25)
Main Charge 14.4/28.8 V (25 C), 30 min. (daily)
Boost charge  14.4/28.8 V (25), 2 h
Activation: battery voltage < 12V/24V 
Deep discharge protection:Cut-off voltage  11V/22V
Deep discharge protection:Reconnect voltage  12V/24V
Overvoltage protection 16V/32V
Max. panel voltage   55V
Temperature compensation -4mV/2V
Max. own consumption  5 ~ 10mA
Night/day detection delay time 3min
Overload and short-circuit protection Overload: 
1.2 times rated current and last 20 seconds; 
1.5 times rated current and last 3 seconds

:≥2.5 times rated current
Grounding  Positive grounding possible
Working temperature -40 ~ +55
Maximum above sea level 4,000 m above sea level
Type of protection  IP68 (1.5 m, 72 h)