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Fail Secure Electric Bolt Lock


electric bolt lock

Specially design for high security applications, It is made from durable high quality materials, power to lock with electric signal which make it easy to use with any access control system.



  1. Latest design, very low power consumption
  2. Made of durable and high quality material
  3. Low temparature capability
  4. double current protection
  5. Convenient to use


  • Working Voltage:DC12V
  • Current:0.45A
  • Working mode:power on to open
  • .Made in high quality
  •  Fail Secure
  • CE approved
  •  Electric Strike
  •  Reversible for left or right hand door
  •  Fits wooden and metal door
  • Work with card, key, passcord, remote control and push button swith
  • Mechanical Unlatching