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Solar grounding Lug(DE-SGL)

Solar Grounding Lug:
1.Material:AL6005-T5lay-in lug
2.Stainless Steel Clip

Item: Solar panel Grounding System:

solar grounding log installation 
Specification of Solar PV Ground Clip,
Material : AL6005-T5lay-in lug & Stainless Steel Clip & SUS304A2-70bolt
High Pre-assembly Connect system to equipment ground condutor
1. Easy Install:  Solar grounding products are designed to fit the features of our  rail perfectly .It is the most popular solution for solar system grounding and not more running ground wire to erery PV moudle.
2. High standard:  solar grounding products can meet the EN60335 and UL 467 requirement for bonding and grounding system.
3. Excellent performance: The special design features stainless steel rib that pierce into anodized aluminium.providing a gas tight connection which prevent oxidation and get a excellent grounding preforcement.
4. Guaranteed Durability:  provides a guarantee of 10 years on the durability of all components used.