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6mm sq. Bulk Solar PV Solar cable (100M)




For solar panels, PV cable offers high performance, easy installation and long term reliability.

Its performance characteristics correspond not only to current regulations, but exceed them in terms of temperature and weather resistance, as well as the long term functioning of by far. His halogen-free compounds ensure optimal fire protection for roof installation, in compliance with the latest RoHS directives to restrict the use of harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

  • double isolated and networked - holds more than 20 years

  • halogen free

  • UV resistant

  • flame retardant

  • suitable for MC4-adapter (plug and socket)



- PV-cable for networking of photovoltaic systems according to TUV CE 216799



 Outer diameter (mm):    5.5

Halogen free:    Yes, according to EN 60754-1/2:

Flame retardant:    According to EN 60332-1-2

Low smoke:    Yes, according to EN 61034-2

Standardization:    NEN-EN 50618:2015

Standard conductor material:    IEC 60228

Conductor material:    Tinned copper (CU),

Conductor category:    KL. 5 = fine-wired

Head shape:    about

Conductor nominal cross-section (mmÂ):    6

Number of cores:    1

Core insulation:    XLHFFR

Wire identification:    Color

Outer material:    XLHFFR

Wall thickness outside diameter (mm):    0.9

Coat color:    blue

Rated voltage U0 (kV):    0.6

Nominal voltage (kV):    1.0

Test voltage (kV):    6.5

DC resistance @ 20 Â C (ohm/km):    5.09

Max. maximum conductor temperature (Â C):    120

Max. Cable outdoor temperature, in motion (Â C):    40 / 120

Max. Single cable temperature (Â C):    40 / 120

Kortsluittemperatuur gel Pachoriya (Â C):    250

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