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Voltron 12Kv Electric Fence Energizer

Permeter security single zone electric fence energiser,generates high voltage pulse of 5-14 kv to intruders teaching the fence,which establishes a phycical and sychological barrier to prevent invas



1. New generation energizer that can be used as a simple security fencing energizer,but can also be a alarm panel,there is alarm input for gate magnetic contacts or infared detector or other kind of sensor and detector with NO/NC output.

2. The intelligent fault detection system(FD tech),LCD shows the energizer problem directly,make the warranty more easy.

3. Remote control(wireless) makes the arming or sisarming easily from any place.

4. DC 12V. NC/NO dry contact alarm output (relay output),can work with other modern security products.

5. Spacious space is enough for 4 Ah back up lead acid battery.Intellegent battery management will protect battery effectively.

6. Multi power supply function make the energizer working at all kind of poor power condition. 

7. Water/fire proof casing.


Electrical specification

1. Input:AC110-240v or DC18V or DC12V

2. output peak voltage:12KV

3. Pulse duration:<0.1s

4. Pulse interval time:1.3s

5. Max energy of out put:2.0