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2.4Ghz Wireless video Door Phone with 2 monitors

2.4G wireless video door phone

1. Weatherproof night vision outdoor camera

2. 3.5 inch LCD indoor monitor including unlock, intercom, monitoring, picture shooting

3. Pictures recording with time date stamp


1.       Brief introduction:

This is a wireless video door phone system for home security, apartments, villas, hotels, offices, public buildings etc. Based on 2.4G wireless technology, the 3.5 inch LCD indoor monitor can place on the desk, tea table, dining table etc.


2.  Features:

(1)  2.4GHz digital frequency encryption technology, transmission distance up to 300 meters at open area, robust anti-interference;

(2)  Clear night vision;

(3)  Rain shield for the outdoor camera is available;

(4)  3.5 inch TFT panel and monitoring all the while;

(5)  Hands-free intercom, Unlocked by wireless control;

(6)  16 chord melodies for option, melody volume is adjustable;

(7)  Date (only one Outdoor Camera with one indoor monitor is available) and time shown on the indoor monitor;

(8)  Indoor monitor store up to 100pcs pictures, expanded-memory can reach 500pcs, pictures mark date and time.

(9)  Brightness and talking volume are adjustable

(10)  Mini USB charging interface, lithium battery is replaceable and rechargeable,

(11)  One outdoor camera support up to 4pcs indoor monitors simultaneously and vice versa;